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    The RT63368 ADSL2+ processor is a highly integrated solution for ADSL broadband access gateway with advantages in cost, functionality and performance. RT63368 is designed for Ethernet bridges/routers, WLAN residential gateways. It includes a 32-bit MIPS CPU and a powerful ADSL Discrete Multi-Tone (DMT) engine with enhanced features. When used with the Ralink RT63087 analog front-end (AFE), it performs a simple two-chip solution for bridge/router applications.

    The RT63368 ADSL2+ processor employs the discrete multi-tone modulation technology compliant to the various standards defined by ANSI and ITU-T. It also incorporates USB 2.0 port, PCIe port, and an ATM AAL5 hardware SAR. These features maximize the flexibility for the system designers.
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